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It is absolutely paramount to your good health that the underlying causes of your symptoms are found and correct diagnosis is made.  Dr Doherty will use his wealth of experience to achieve this and to make the appropriate management plan for you.

Similar symptoms are not always as a result of similar causes.  The consultation and examination will differentiate between the many causes that may be producing your symptoms.

Some of the symptoms (and possible causes) that Dr Doherty treats at this clinic are:

Headaches and Migraines may be caused by a neck joint dysfunction, increased neck muscle tension, abnormal blood flow within the brain, posterior neck and shoulder muscle strains, trapped nerves or referred pain from 'active' Trigger Points.

Face Pain may be caused by temporo mandibular (jaw) dysfunction, trigeminal neuralgia, sinusitis or referred pain from 'active' Trigger Points.

Neck Pain may be caused by a whiplash injury, muscle strain, muscle spasm (torticolis), neck joint dysfunction, spondylosis (osteoarthritis), a trapped nerve or referred pain from 'active' Trigger Points. 

Shoulder Pain may be caused by a frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement syndrome (tendonitis), tendon tear, shoulder muscle strain, osteoarthritis, bursitis or referred pain from the neck. 

Elbow/arm Pain may be caused by a tennis elbow (lateral elbow tendonitis), golfer’s elbow (medial elbow tendonitis), trapped nerve, elbow joint dysfunction or referred pain from 'active' Trigger Points. 

Wrist/hand Pain may be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, trapped nerve, repetitive strain syndrome or a trapped nerve in the neck. 

Back Pain may be caused by spinal joint dysfunction, sacro-iliac joint dysfunction, slipped disc, trapped nerve, muscular strain, muscle spasm, ligament sprain, osteoarthritis, rib joint dysfunction or referred pain from 'active' Trigger Points. 

Groin Pain may be caused by osteitis pubis, muscle strain, iliopsoas bursitis, osteoarthritis, trapped nerve or referred pain from the lumbar spine.

Hip Pain may be caused by trochantic bursitis, trapped nerve, muscle strain or referred pain from the sacro-iliac joints and 'active' Trigger Points. 

Leg Pain may be caused by piriformis syndrome, sciatica, iliotibial band syndrome, referred pain from the hip or lumbar spine. 

Knee Pain may be caused by patella mis-tracking, iliotibial band syndrome, tibial-fibular joint fixation, osteoarthritis, referred pain from the hip. 

Ankle/foot Pain may be caused by plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, foot joint dysfunction, tarsal tunnel syndrome, ligament sprain or a trapped nerve in the lumbar spine. 

Sports Injuries may be caused by muscle tone imbalance, ligament sprains, muscle strains, poor bio-mechanics, repetitive strain injury or de-conditioning

Neurological Symptoms like: pins and needlestwitches, numbness, weakness, arm/leg sensations, dizziness, nausea, travel sickness, depression, IBS, ‘brain fog’ can be caused by an imbalance in neuronal activation of the brain or spinal cord.


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