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What Do I Do?


The Family Chiropractic clinic can offer you a new and extraordinary treatment, to help you become pain free again.  I combine my knowledge of ‘clinical neurology’ with a relatively gentle treatment protocol that I have developed, to enable me to treat many difficult and chronic ailments.  Please do not expect to be 'cracked' or 'popped', as many traditional chiropractors practice.

My objective in the examination and treatment, is to identify and correct muscle imbalances that have a detrimental affect upon the joints of your body.  Signs from the examination and from the information supplied to me during the consultation, I will be able to form a ‘picture’ of what is likely to be causing your pains.  Muscle imbalances may cause joint pain, muscle pain, trapped nerves but may also cause stiffness, fatigue and abnormal spinal curves.
Your primary muscle imbalance is not caused by working long hours at a computer or heavy lifting, but these activities may exacerbate the imbalance and produce symptoms.  The ‘tone’ of your muscle is regulated by specific regions of the brain stem.  When our muscles are in a state of ‘balance’, the body will easily maintain a stress-free upright posture.  When mucle groups become ‘imbalanced’, then abnormal posture and subsequent pain occurs.

The Examination and Treatment
When you lay down on the treatment table, I will put a pair of flat-soled shoes on you.  These shoes allow me to compare your leg lengths.  In the relaxed lying position, your legs will be the same length.  However, one leg will become shorter (approx one half inch), whenever you contract a tight (hypertonic) muscle that results in further joint displacement.  The reflex muscle contractions act like a concertina, the joints of the ankle, knee and hip become more compressed.   

We all have a brainstem imbalance, which is a consequence of our genetics.  Certain nuclei within the brainstem regulate specific muscles in our body.  Our posture is reflective of our brainstem function.  If you are one of the many people who suffer from car sickness or have a dis-like of spinning, then this is a strong indicator that your vestibular nuclei (brainstem nuclei) are imbalanced, which specifically regulate the tone of spinal muscles.  The treatment is designed to reduce the muscular imbalances and ultimately to reduce your symptoms.  

The above hand-held tool is pressed into a tight muscles and ‘fired’.  This mechanical spring-loaded impulse, quickly stretches nerve receptors close to the muscle tendon called ‘golgi tendon organs’.  When these receptors are quickly stretched, there is a neurological reflex that results in relaxation of the muscle.   Alternatively, deep pressure vibration into the same receptors for a few seconds, will have a similar affect. 

In order to increase the tone of a flaccid muscle, ultrasonic vibration is used to stimulate the spindle cells, found within the belly of the muscle.  Stimulation here will increase the feed-back to the under-active regions of the brainstem.  Once I have tested and treated your muscular imbalance, gentle adjustments to your pelvic / sacral complex can be made (if appropriate), which are often displaced by the muscle imbalance.   Regular gentle stretches of your hypertonic muscles, will help to re-establish muscle balance.

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