What Do I Do?

The Family Chiropractic clinic can offer you something new and different, to help you become pain-free again.  I combine my extensive knowledge of ‘clinical neurology’ with a relatively gentle treatment protocol that I have developed, so that I can effectively treat many difficult and chronic ailments.  My objective in the examination and treatment, is to identify and correct all muscle imbalances that have caused a detrimental affect on the joints of your body.  I will also identify the root cause of your muscle imbalance.
I start my investigation with a comprehensive case history consultation.  From the information given to me via the ‘case history’ form and verbally from you during the consultation, I can form a ‘picture’ of what is likely to be causing your pains.  Each one of us has their own specific muscle imbalance that results in a variety of symptoms like pain, but may also cause stiffness, fatigue, dizziness, and abnormal spinal curves.
Your muscle imbalance is not caused by working long hours at a computer or heavy lifting, but these activities may exacerbate your symptoms.  The ‘tone’ of your muscles are regulated by specific regions in the brain stem.  When all regions of the brain stem are ‘balanced’, then the body will easily maintain an upright posture.  When any of the regions of the brain stem become ‘imbalanced’, then abnormal posture and subsequent pain occurs.
The Examination
During the examination, I will determine which muscles have increased tone (hypertonic) and which muscles have decreased tone.  I use a simple ‘muscle reflex’ technique, to help me ‘see’ the difference between the two muscle tones.  In order to get to the root cause of your condition, I would need to identify which specific region of the brain stem is imbalanced.  On each side of your brain stem, cranial nerves protrude and innervate muscles of the head and throat.  By using a simple ‘muscle reflex’ technique, I can determine if there is a left or right brain stem imbalance.
You will also have to bear in mind that the brain stem signals also travel upwards into the cortex (as well as downward into muscles), that may result in a multitude of ‘brain’ symptoms ie. depression, poor memory, hormonal imbalances, poor sleep etc.
The Treatment
Once I have determined which muscles are hypertonic and the region of the brain stem that has caused this muscle imbalance, I am now ready to address the imbalance with relatively gentle chiropractic corrective adjustments.  I use a hand-held instrument called, an Activator, which produces a high velocity (low force) stimulus into the muscle.  Hence, when the Activator quickly stretches the hypertonic muscle, the muscle tone is reflexively 're-set' to a lower tone. 
I also use a vibrating percussor or electrical interferential stimulation, to increase the tone of the hypotonic muscles of the body.  These stimulate muscle receptors and the under-active side of the brain stem, to help restore normal muscle tone.  Once I have restored some normality back to the muscular system and determined which direction the spine, pelvis and sacrum have moved out of position, I can then make the required gentle pelvic adjustments.
Over the years of growth, your body distorts and bows to the stresses and strains of your muscle imbalance.  This may produce a forward head, curved spine, low shoulder, flat foot etc.  The treatment is not a permanent ‘cure’ for your ailment and once you feel good, it would be advisable to continue to do exercises to remain healthy.
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