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I have been going to the clinic for a couple of years, whenever I need relief for severe back pain and sciatica.  Mr Doherty has always been very professional and displays a wealth of knowledge in his subject.  I will continue to visit, as and when I need to.

Miracle worker!
I have only had one treatment so far but Dr Doherty is very patient and professional. He knows exactly what he's doing and I would recommend this clinic to anyone with spine pain like me. Very pleasant atmosphere.
Professional service, the consultation consisted of an examination, some adjustments and then I was given some exercises to do until I return next week.  Great experience.
The chiropractor was extremely knowledgeable and explained things in great detail.
Good value for money.
After suffering with extreme pain for four years, and having seen GP, spinal specialists, neurosurgeons and more (and having gone through SEVEN different types of painkillers), I phoned The Family Chiropractic Clinic.  I booked in an appointment and very quickly bought a block of 10 sessions. The fact that it was fantastic value for money is nice, but the fact that I am almost entirely pain free is the important thing.  And I still have a few sessions left to use.  James (and Barbara) are professional, friendly and most of all fantastic at what they do.  If you are in pain, get in touch with them.  I did and don't regret it for an instant. Thank you both so much!  
He was so calm and with the amount of back problems I have, he didn’t judge me or looked at me like I was lying, like some doctors I have seen.  He actually checked me over fully and is already working with me to help get my back and hips back in order.  He is fantastic, highly recommend.
Really detailed explanation of my treatment and what's required to rectify the problem.
Excellent service from booking to end of treatment, was in 50% less pain and had 70% more movement in just 1 treatment.  Very professional and explained everything in a manner I could understand.  I would recommend highly.
Went to the clinic in pain, not able to sleep.  After my first session, my pain dramatically eased and I was able to get a good night sleep.   I would definitely recommend this clinic.
Great value for money.  I would recommend.
I had really good session.  I felt really good, I would definitely recommend it.
I have been a patient at the Clinic for some time, initially when I was in a great deal of discomfort with a lower back and hip problem. James took time to explain the treatment process and the treatment was certainly, combined with the prescribed exercises, successful. I now attend on a quarterly basis. Both the lady in reception and James are always welcoming and I have already recommended the practice to friends and will continue to do so.  Excellent.
Having experienced many Osteopaths & Chiropractics over the last two decades for multiple aches and pains; I find James' methods the most non intrusive and least aggressive I have received. We are currently on a journey to resolve my longer term issues but the initial treatments have resolved my immediate discomfort.  The practice is well located with amble local car parking, is very reasonably priced and the service received is first class.
I am currently attending the Family Chiropractic Clinic for longstanding headache and migraine issues and I am very happy with the treatment I'm receiving. Dr Doherty is professional, caring and meticulous and I'm confident that the improvement shown so far will continue to the point where optimum health is restored. Thank you so much.
I have used The Family Chiropractic Clinic, on two separate occasions.  My first visit was for a trapped nerve, in my shoulder. Very painful. This was relieved during the session, to be pain free. Miracle!  My second visit was for a spasm in my lower back. I was off work for 2 days. Again the Chiropractor diagnosed the problem. Two sessions later, I was back to full health.  I can’t recommend Mr Doherty highly enough.
I have been going to this clinic for a number of years with chromic pain in my ankle due to an old sports injury. I have always been treated in a professional and polite manner. The treatment I received has always had a beneficial effect on my condition, both in pain relief and improved mobility. As a result of Dr Doherty's treatment I have taken up tennis, joined a local tennis club and now play tennis on a weekly basis.
I am attending this Chiropractic Clinic for regular treatment for long term pain. The varied treatment has always been professionally carried out and is proving to be beneficial for my condition.
I have been going to this clinic for a number of years with various injures, shoulder , back and sciatic problems. I have always been treated in a professional and polite manner. The treatment I received was varied and very successful. I was in Spain a few years ago with a friend discussing our different back problems. We both tried to recommend our chiropractor only to find we were both treated at the above clinic by Dr James Doherty!
I've been seeing Mr Doherty for many years with my bad back (years of playing squash!) and can't speak highly enough of him. I've always found him professional, competent and most importantly of all, effective. He knows my back better than I know it myself and soon has me back to full mobility.
Something is working, so will see you soon.
Thanks for your time, we shall see you next week
Thank you
It was my first consultation.  My examination was fantastic.  It was a big relief when you told me why I was suffering from my pain.  Suffered for over 20 years.  Had become very depressed over the years. WHY didn't I find you all these years ago.   Already feeling better after one session.
Much appreciated. At present the back is ok and therefore I do not need the service but it was professional and I would consider you again. Thanks
I was impressed by the chiropractor’s friendly and professional manner.  Having never had this treatment before, he went to great lengths to explain everything to me, which was brilliant.  I am doing the exercises he recommended and am hoping that much of my pain will start to eas
I was impressed by his expertise and would recommend him to others.
Great service, many thanks.
Thanks for making me feel welcome and being so nice.

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