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Foot pain

 Your foot pain symptoms may be caused by a variety of reasons.  It is vital to the successful outcome of your chiropractic treatment, to find the underlying cause of your symptoms.  Your foot pain may as a result of an injury to any of the tissues of the foot, including muscles, nerves, joints, tendons or connective tissue.  The area or spread of symptoms may involve the whole foot or may only affect specific areas.  The symptoms may be constant or intermittent and may improve or worsen with motion.

Common symptoms of the foot may include: pain, decreased mobility or stiffness. The type of pain / symptoms may be described as burning, dull, sharp or throbbing.  These symptoms may range in intensity from mild to severe.  Frequently, symptoms perceived in the foot are actually referred from a problem in the hip region.  Here is a selection of common injuries that have been diagnosed at this clinic.

Achilles Tendonitis is an inflammation and degeneration of the Achilles tendon.  Once the tendon begins to degenerate, the incidences of partial tears or total ruptures increases.  Needless to say, excessive strain onto the tendon, such as jumping up or running, may too much for the tendon to bear. 

More commonly, the tendon will become inflamed due to altered bio-mechanics of the foot and ankle.  Excessive tension of the calf muscles will also add tension to this tendon and deconditioning of these tissues may enhance the likelihood of tissue damage.

Flat Foot or pronation of the arch of the foot may cause tissue strain of the foot muscles or tarsal (foot) bones to become dis-placed.  The muscles, tendons and ligaments of the ankle and foot complex may become deconditioned, resulting in an unstable ankle.  This may result in an ankle sprain, which will further de-stabilise the ankle – foot complex.  If the muscles of the foot cannot support your arch, then you may benefit from an orthotic (arch support) in your shoe.

Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the fibrous connective tissue that spreads along the under-side surface of the foot.  This connective tissue runs from the heel to the ‘balls’ of the toes and may produce symptoms of pain any where along its length but commonly at the heel.  Prolonged inflammation at its attachment into the heel may form a bony spur, further exacerbating the symptoms.

Metatarsalgia is an inflammation of the metatarsals (balls of the toes) and produces pain at the metatarsal heads that is exacerbated by weight bearing.  Ladies wearing high heeled shoes commonly complain of pains in this area of the foot.  Needless to say, reducing the stress to this area will help relieve some of the symptoms.

It is absolutely paramount to your good health that the underlying causes of your foot symptoms are found and correct diagnosis is made.  Dr Doherty will use his wealth of experience to achieve this and to make the appropriate management plan for you.

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