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Please note, your initial visit will include a treatment, as well as the consultation and examination. For those of you that are unsure if chiropractic can help with your symptoms, then you are welcome to come and have a 10 minute chat with the chiropractor, free of charge, during the hours of 1.00pm - 4.00pm, Monday - Thursday

Adults 18 years and over
Consultation and Treatments 50.00

Follow-up Appointments30.00

Pre-pay treatments for as little as: 16.00
(please see below)

Children 17 years and under
Consultation and Treatments 40.00

Follow-up Appointments 25.00

Pre-Payment Plans
(Pay for your treatments in advance and receive discounts on the cost of your treatment)

Pre-pay for:

3 chiropractic treatments and receive a 10% discount 
You pay 81.00 (Save 9.00)

5 chiropractic treatments and receive a 20% discount 
You pay 120.00 (Save 30.00)

7 chiropractic treatments and receive a 30% discount 
You pay 147.00 (Save 63.00)

Refera friend within seven days of your consultation and you will receive a further 5.00 off each treatment.

Pre-pay with referral discounts would now cost you:

3 chiropractic treatments with 10% discount and a further 5.00 off each treatment
You pay 66.00 (Save 34.00)

5 chiropractic treatments with 20% discount and a further 5.00 off each treatment)
You pay 95.00 (Save 55.00)

7 chiropractic treatments with 30% discount and a further 5.00 off each treatment)
You pay 112.00 (Save 98.00).  16.00 per treatment, which is a saving of 45%

Your referred friend will also receive a 10.00 discount off their consultation / treatment. They pay 40.00

Please phone 0161 482 0786, to make your consultation and examination appointment or to make further inquiries.

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